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Rearranging my documents on cloud storage

by Rohit 17. February 2015 19:16

I have been using couple of Cloud Storage services from few years like Google Drive, IDrive and Memopal. I am using free plan of each of these and I have categorized my documents, photos and other stuff. To streamline this further, I have created a Cloud Storage Details document where I have mentioned which cloud storage holds what. This is necessary because I am using free plans and everything cannot be stored at one place. Apart from this, I have different backup requirements based on my tasks. For example:

  1. Google Drive holds all my scanned job related documents, educational certificates and previous company salary slips. I preferred Google Drive for these documents so that I can directly attach any of these documents and mail them.
  2. IDrive holds automated backups of my projects and other stuff on which I am working.
  3. Memopal holds all the other documents.
  4. Amazon Cloud Storage stores all my photos which are automatically uploaded from my mobile phone.

I encrypt critical documents before they go to cloud storage and for this I came across Boxcryptor. It is an incredible tool and seamlessly secures your cloud storage. I use Windows App of each of these tools to sync my files on cloud.

I came across SurDoc recently which offers 100GB of free space.

Let me know how you organize your documents.

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Good Partition Recovery Tool

by Rohit 4. January 2015 00:38

From last few days I was trying to recover a lost NTFS partition on my hard drive. On inspecting using several partition repair tools, the partition was visible but without drive letter. I tried changing the drive letter using these tools but all these tools failed to apply the changes. My favorite, Partition Magic, also failed to start because of partition error.

On searching using Google, I came across a tool with the name Partition Guru. This simple tool not only automatically detected partition errors it repaired the errors as well. I also managed to assign new drive letter to the recovered partition.

Great tool and is also free for non-commercial use.

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Mailwise - Clutter Free Emails

by Rohit 28. December 2014 12:36


Came across an email app with the name Mailwise. Initially it appears similar to Google Inbox but on dissecting further it is quite better. Instead of simply grouping your related conversations, it performs a unique way of decluttering your Inbox.

It omits repetitive information like signatures and headers. This way the mails appear to you as a regular chat like interface.


Some of the features of Mailwise are:


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